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Orange Vanilla Chèvre

A cheesy creamsicle dream come true
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What’s Inside

If it’s joining forces with our chèvre, you can expect top-shelf ingredients & creative pairings

Goat Cheese

Our delicious, creamy, award-winning fresh chèvre

Orange Marmalade

We coat this flavor in a vibrant & aromatic marmalade, complete with julienned orange rind


Both vanilla extract & vanilla paste are woven into our fresh chèvre for texture and a sweet woody flavor

Flavor Notes

Our Orange Vanilla Chèvre is sure to delight your senses, taking them on a brief excursion to a Parisian corner café.

Unique among our sweet flavors, this one brings something extra to our fresh goat cheese. Flecks of vanilla give our chèvre a special look and texture, while julienned orange rind in our marmalade provides bursts of citrus and a subtle tang. As we perfected our newest flavor, it filled our kitchen with a wonderful aroma – we hope it does the same for yours.

Simply open and unmold this cup upside down, and try spreading it across a piece of croissant for your next French-inspired breakfast.


Pasteurized goat milk, orange preserve (orange, sugar, pectin, citric acid, lactic acid, ascorbic acid), salt, vanilla (water, alcohol (35%), cane sugar, vanilla bean extractives), vanilla bean paste, (cane sugar, water, vanilla extract, gum tragacanth (natural thickener)), culture, microbial (vegetarian) rennet