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About Us

Team Mackenzie

Jean Mackenzie


Jean started Mackenzie Creamery in 2007 after taking two cheese-making classes and deciding to turn her passion into her life’s work. Previously heading the real estate division of an Ohio-area land conservancy, Jean brings her love for the land into operations at Mackenzie Creamery by ensuring green, eco-friendly cheese production.

Jean’s goat cheese recipes have won several awards. Today she continues to consult the company, helping Mackenzie Creamery continue to produce better cheese every day.

Rob DeMuch

Chief Chèvrexecutive™

Rob, Jean’s son, joined Mackenzie Creamery in 2010 to lead day-to-day operations and sales. He is responsible for all production at the creamery, ingredient and packaging sourcing, regulatory compliance, and distribution of Mackenzie Creamery goat cheese to retailers and restaurants throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Rob worked in software sales before trading in the corporate life for life on the Mackenzie Creamery farm.

Erica DeMuch

Creative Director

In 2015, Erica joined the Mackenzie Creamery team to take on the role of marketing and business administration.

Erica is an NCIDQ-licensed Interior Designer and professional yoga instructor. All the delicious recipes found on our social media pages are Erica’s creations. Her eye for design and decadence has helped Mackenzie Creamery grow its social media presence and expand the portfolio of flavors.

Team Chèvre


Mackenzie Creamery wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated and loyal team members. From our milk hauler to the group of talented women in the makeroom and our delivery duo, Mackenzie Creamery relies on the hard work and relentless effort from our team to deliver our customers the best goat cheese we can produce!

Several of our team members have been with us for many years, and Mackenzie Creamery is lucky to have such a committed group.



Phoebe has played a crucial role in Mackenzie Creamery’s success since joining the company in 1935. Despite what you may have already heard, she is responsible for all of Mackenzie Creamery’s copywriting, flavors, book-keeping and vehicle operation at the farm, among other day-to-day operations.

Phoebe holds a master’s degree in Gastronomy, with a minor in the Performing Arts.

“I ate
The Pumpkin Chèvre
Like Go-Gurt”

– Dramatic reading of an actual customer review