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Chocolate Raspberry Chèvre

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What's Inside

If it’s joining forces with our chèvre, you can expect top-shelf ingredients & creative pairings

Goat Cheese

Our delicious, creamy, award-winning fresh chèvre


Mixed in with our cheese for a decadent chocolate flavor

Red Raspberries

Seedless red raspberry preserves create the base for this flavor’s sauce

Flavor Notes

This flavor stands out for its unique light-brown hue, thanks to the cocoa we mix into our fresh chèvre during the flavoring process. It is both a chocolate and cheese lover’s dream, perfect for a unique dessert you’ll want to share!

Simply open and unmold this cup upside down to let the red raspberry sauce coat our fresh chèvre.


Pasteurized goat milk, red raspberry preserves (seedless red raspberry, sugar, fruit pectin, citric acid), cocoa, salt, culture, microbial (vegetarian) rennet

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