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About Us

The Farm at Mackenzie Creamery

From our farm to your table

Defining our goals

When we started Mackenzie Creamery, creating a sustainable, eco-friendly production facility was just as important to us as the quality and freshness of our artisan goat cheese.

Living off the land

Mackenzie Creamery has made its home on a beautiful, 30-acre farm in Hiram, OH. We continue to make it our commitment to be good stewards to the land as we create our goat cheese.


For our efforts, we were awarded the Clean Ohio Agricultural Easement (AEPP) Purchase Program in 2010, which permanently preserves the farm in perpetuity with an agricultural easement. The following year, we received the Portage County Environmental Foundation Green Business Award.

Community building

To help support our local farmers, we lease our fields to them. They utilize this land to grow organic hay.

Improving our creamery

When we converted the lower level of our barn into a licensed creamery, we wanted to build the facility to be as eco-friendly as possible. We insulated the building using cellulose insulation, which is made up of recycled newspapers and blue jeans. In addition, we installed a geothermal unit to efficiently heat and cool the creamery.

Striving for greatness

Today, we continue to grow our business with the same principles that helped build our solid foundation in 2007. This allows us to both deliver consistently fresh high-quality goat cheese, and do so in a responsible and sustainable fashion.