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About Us

The story behind Mackenzie Creamery

How we started

Our story began in 2007 when Jean Mackenzie, founder of Mackenzie Creamery, took a cheesemaking class at PASA (Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture). One class quickly turned into two, and two classes turned into a passion and a successful business that is positively affecting the local economy.

In just five short months after taking her first cheesemaking class, Jean became the second licensed goat cheese producer in Ohio. With that, Mackenzie Creamery was born.

How we’ve grown

Rob DeMuch, Jean’s son, joined Mackenzie Creamery in 2010 and today is overseeing all operations of the business. In the seven years that Rob has been with Mackenzie Creamery, they have experienced notable annual growth.

This expansion resulted in an increased demand for locally produced goat milk, which translated to new jobs and career opportunities for local farmers.

Where are we now?

Today, Mackenzie Creamery cheese is sold throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic in grocery stores, specialty shops and many restaurants. Soon we will be taking orders online, bringing our fresh chèvre directly to your doorstep – a bold new adventure for us in 2018.

Mackenzie Creamery continues to win awards, and has been cited in The New York Times, Town & Country Magazine, and Cleveland Magazine as one of the best goat cheeses in the country.


Mackenzie Creamery is a proud member of the following organizations:

American Cheese Society

Ohio Cheese Guild

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation