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Pumpkin Chèvre

Our seasonal fall goat cheese
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What’s Inside

If it’s joining forces with our chèvre, you can expect top-shelf ingredients & creative pairings

Goat Cheese

Our delicious, creamy, award-winning fresh chèvre


Puréed pumpkin gives this goat cheese that sweet, rich and unmistakable earthiness

Fall Spices

It wouldn’t be fall without the addition of cinnamon and ginger to spice things up

Flavor Notes

As one of our most requested flavors, this seasonal goat cheese is like a slice of pumpkin cheesecake with every bite. Try it on top of a graham cracker or with a slice of fresh apple.

Ohio is one of the best places to experience fall, well known for its bountiful harvests from local growers and farms across the state. We feel lucky to make our home in Hiram, OH, and our Pumpkin Chèvre is just one more reason to cozy up and look forward to the cooler, colorful season ahead.

The enthusiasm isn’t ours alone – take our customers’ words for it! “It’s amazing!”, “Soooo yummy!!”, “This is my kind of pumpkin!”, “My fave!”


Pasteurized goat milk, pumpkin, spices, sugar, salt, culture, microbial (vegetarian) rennet

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