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You Say Tomato Chèvre

Just in time for summer! Available exclusively at Heinen's
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Flavor Notes

Our newest goat cheese is a celebration of summertime. It’s also a throwback to the earliest days at the creamery.

“You Say Tomato…” (chèvre topped with a tomato jam) was one of the very first flavors Jean created when she founded Mackenzie Creamery in 2007. We went through the archives for this one, updating the flavor with an herbaceous tomato chutney that’s sure to linger on your taste buds all summer long. We’re proud to bring this family recipe back into style in time for the bright, warm months ahead.

This flavor also stands out for being our first savory cup! Add it to the picnic basket (fresh from the fridge or freezer), or enhance your favorite entrée: scrambled eggs, lasagna, pizza, grilled cheese, etc. Anywhere you’d typically add tomatoes and cheese, You Say Tomato fits right in.

You Say Tomato is available, for a limited time, exclusively at your local Heinen’s.


Pasteurized goat milk, tomato jam (tomatoes, sugar, balsamic vinegar, spices), salt, cultures, microbial rennet